The power of the Cloud for your streams

What is really important for your streams ? Whould they be reliable ? Or should they be affordable ? Or maybe should they adapt dynamically to your listeners instead of the opposite. You are probably looking for all this.

Our streaming service has been based on your usages. This is why it will look familiar to you. Even better : it will grow with your needs, your audience…

Strating from one listener, up to…

There is no t really any limit, except your budget. Our infrastructure can grow and shrink when needed. This is the amazing power of Cloud Computing used for your streams. You may broadcast a podcast only once a month or you may own a big radio, we have a streaming solution for your need.

Be smart when measuring your audiance

Knowing how many listeners you have right now is cool, but is it sufficient ? In order totaget your grogram, it is important to evaluate audience evolution versus time, knowing how long they stay listening to your program, where do they come from. You can get a reliable audience survey in a very affordable way.

Multi-target broadcasting with rich meta-data

Your listeners can use all their equipments : computer, smartphone, tablet. We provide a panel of plugins to integrate your streams and their data on each of your communication mediums.



  • Icecast2
  • Shoutcast


  • Real listening time charging
  • Monthly budget limit
  • pedefined monthly fee


Programming interface

  • Meta data update
  • Statistics

Related services

  • Monitoring and altering

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