Create your internet streams in a few clicks

For your live listeners on internet, you have to compress and upload continuously your broadcast. A very simple task .. prima facie, but it’s too often the weak point of your internet broadcast. A hardware problem and it’s several hours of web silence, a software problem and you lost most of the the listeners who were following the radio show.

With the Tryphon StreamBox, choose a simple, robust and low cost solution. Plug and play, easy configuration, low power, it will create 24-7-365 your streams in the wanted formats and qualities.

Your streams, easily

Your radio broadcasts on the Net ? Who are your listeners ? Are they listening with their mobile phone or their computer ? It is essential to provide them with a suitable stream. The StreamBox allows to setup 4 different streams, with different quality and format, and send them to 4 different servers, if you wish.

3 plugs, that’s all !

No screen, ni keyboard, no mouse. Everything is done through a web browser. You just have to provide some power, sound and network connectivity to integrate the StreamBox in your environment.

You can concentrate on your radio

Once the StreamBox is configured properly, you can save its configuration with one clic. You’re done ! The StreamBox cn then face power or network failure, power cord removal, with no risk for itself. Once everything is back, the StreamBox reboots on its own and restore its saved configuration. All your streams restart automatically



  • Ogg/Vorbis, MP3, AAC and AAC+ formats 1
  • High quality encoding
  • Upload simultaneously to several Icecast2 servers
  • Up to 4 streams from a single audio source
  • Local streaming for encoding control
  • Meta-data updating via web interface or API


  • Unbalanced RCA sound intpu(s) for Light and Standard versions
  • Balanced sound input(s) for Pro version

User interface

  • Streams configuration
  • Dashboard
  • Network settings
  • Fonctional monitoring
  • Automatic language selection based on browser preferences

Easy Box and ready to use

  • 3 necessary plugs (power, sound & network)
  • Configured in a few minutes
  • Compact case for Light version
  • 2U rackmount case for Standard and Pro versions


  • Low power
  • Power failure resistant conception


  • Events log with last several days
  • Graphs to monitor network latency and traffic
  • Centralized console for monitoring and provisionning

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  • Specific features development
  • Associated “zero-conf” Streaming solution

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