Make your audio logging system become a star in your radio station

Imagine that your audio logging system is not just a legal constraint anymore. Imagine it integrates perfectly in your production workflow… Imagine you can extract very easily, any program which have been on air in the last eight months, and this, in a quality ready for being broadcasted again… Imagine creating podcasts and put them online in just a few clicks…

With Tryphon PigeBox, shelves full of backup tapes or CDs belong to past. You don’t fear anymore wild MD connections on the studio console. All the memory of your radio is just few clicks away

Definitely an audio logger

His first mission, safely keep of all that has been broadcasted on your radio for the last 2 monthes. That’s pretty cool, but the PigeBox also knows how to extract just what you want. Give her an in and an out point : The PigeBox then creates a sound file perfectly suiting legal constraints 1

A High End digital recorder

Place a time marker with only one clic at the beginning of your program. Place another one at the end. Just a third clic is necessary to get the record of your program in your favorite format. The time is over for dirty MD plugged under your console !

Just 3 plugs and you’re ON

No screen, ni keyboard, no mouse. Everything is done through a web browser. You just have to provide some power, sound and network connectivity to integrate the PigeBox in your environment.

You can concentrate on your radio

Once the Pigebox is configured properly, you can save its configuration with one clic. You’re done ! The PigeBox cn then face power or network failure, power cord removal, with no risk for itself. Once everything is back, the PigeBox reboots on its own and restore its saved configuration. The audio logging restart smoothly.

1 File specifications validated by French and Belgian CSA


Audio recording

  • Continuous broadcast quality recording from a sound input

Event recording

  • Time marks synchronized with sound stream
  • Multiple sources
    • From the network (UDP, Web interface, API)
    • From GPIO (Console starts, audio matrix…)

User Interface

  • Web Interface
    • SOund extract, administration
  • Programming interface
    • Event creation
  • Tryphon Console

Audio archives managment

  • Automatic sound encoding using a broadcast quality audio compression codec (OGG Vorbis q8)
  • Automatic removal of the oldest files according to a tunable policy

Extraction features

  • based on time delimited span
  • based on marker delimited span

Storage hardening

  • Storage media redundency 2

Open platform

  • Open and documented Application Programming Interface
  • GNU/Linux operating system
  • Amazing extension possibilities…

2 for standard and pro versions

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  • Installation, setup, support contract
  • Specific features development
  • Off-Site backup service
  • Online sharing via Tryphon AudioBank

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