The perfect audio over IP solution

Your antenna is too far to be reached with a microwave beam ? Or maybe you often do remote live programs ? You really need a solution connect remote places for exchanging audio. The LinkBox just what you are looking for. Designed with Internet standards and cutting edge processing, the LinkBox is probably the best treadoff of efficiency and price.

Easily connected

Your linkboxes are forming a network in which connection is as easy as choosing which node should output the sound of which other box. Then it’s very easy to imagine plenty of configurations, from a simplex link between your studio and your antenna ,up to a sport multiplex network

3 plugs, that’s all !

No screen, ni keyboard, no mouse. Everything is done through a web browser. You just have to provide some power, sound and network connectivity to integrate the LinkBox in your environment.

You can concentrate on your radio

Once the LinkBox is configured properly, you can save its configuration with one clic. You’re done ! The LinkBox cn then face power or network failure, power cord removal, with no risk for itself. Once everything is back, the LinkBox reboots on its own and restore its saved configuration. All your links are restored automatically



  • 48kHz / 16 bits stereo audio sampling
  • High suality codecs OGG/Vorbis, Opus
  • Half duplex service channel (talkie-walkie mode) broadcasted in the box network


  • Icecast2 HTTP protocol
  • Low latency UDP protocol
  • Hardened stream against network fluctuation 1


  • Rackable 19" for e perfect studio integration
  • Compact case for budget critical setups

1 The charm may not be able to make good quality audio link on too poor network connected devices.

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