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le 19 Oct 2012

Rivendell 2.1.4

Rivendell 2.2.0 Debian and Ubuntu packages are now available on the Tryphon debian repository for :

Binaries for i386 and amd84 are provided.

Wheezy and sid support

We’re now providing Qt3 for Debian wheezy and sid. So Rivendell is available again on Debian wheezy and sid (where Qt3 is no longer officially provided).


RdAirplay hotkeys require a file provided by libqt3-headers package. This package is now suggested and not required, because it installs a lot of dependencies.


You can have a functional Rivendell in few minutes :

Step 1 : Add the Tryphon debian repository to your source lists

Step 2 : Install a MySQL server : sudo apt-get install mysql-server

Step 3 : Install both Rivendell “server” and “station” : sudo apt-get install rivendell-server rivendell

Step 4 : Add user who needs to use Rivendell in the rivendell group. For example, to use yourself in this group : sudo adduser $USER rivendell

Check if this user is specified at AudioOwner line in file /etc/rd.conf . If you used sudo to install package, your username will be used. This information will configurable during the package installation.

Step 5 : Log out et start a new session (Gnome, KDE, …) to load changes on group and permissions.

Step 6 : Start rdadmin which creates the database by asking you the Mysql administrator login (root) and password (specified during mysql-server install).

Step 7 : Start rdairplay, play the Test cast and enjoy.


Like all Tryphon projects, package sources are available on

The project’s wiki gives instructions to rebuild packages.