Blog > Debian and Ubuntu packages 1.7.2-3 for Rivendell

le 23 Jan 2011

This release is not a new Rivendell release but an update of debian/ubuntu packaging.

Always pin in production

Because you always need to validate fresh packages before upgrading your production system, you should “pin” the previous/expected Rivendell version in the apt preferences of your production stations :

Explanation: Always test Rivendell before upgrade
Package: rivendell
Pin: version 1.7.2-1*
Pin-Priority: 1000

See apt_preferences man page or Debian Reference documentation for more information.

You can “hold” the version in aptitude/synaptic tools too.


These new Rivendell packages (released as 1.7.2-3) provide several updates on debian/ubuntu packages :

Jackd 2 support

As discussed on the french Rivendell mailing-list, the previous packages were built with “jackd1” and were incompatible with jackd2 (ticket 3). The new packages are now built with jackd2 when available in the distribution (testing, unstable and maverick currently).

LSB init.d/rivendell

Latest Debian and Ubuntu systems use a dependency based boot sequence. The previous /etc/init.d/rivendell script doesn’t provide required information. It’s now fixed (ticket #2).

The INIT INFO are based on Frederick Henderson’s script. After installing the new Rivendell package, you can update your sysv-rc configuration with : sudo dpkg-reconfigure sysv-rc

Hpklinux 4.04.07

The previous ASI drivers provided by hpklinux 3.08.05 can’t be built with newest kernel releases (ticket #4). The package provides now the 4.04.07 drivers released by AudioScience on November.

As noticed by Rob Landry, a small patch was required on Rivendell 1.7.2 sources to support the hpklinux (ticket #6).

Rivendell Loadable Modules plugins

RLM plugins (like Facebook or Twitter ones) are now included in rivendell packages (ticket 1). You can find them in RdAirPlay Now&Next section of RdAdmin.

Maverick support

Packages are now available for Ubuntu 10.10 Maverik.


On Debian Tryphon repository, you will find packages :

And instructions to modify your apt sources if needed.

Trac changes

Rivendell debian packages are now managed in Tryphon Projects : rivendell-debian. Tickets will help us to track feedback, requests and bugs around this packaging.

New build platform

We deployed the whole build process on our servers (buildbot, pbuilder and rake-debian-build framework). The 144 packages require … 6 hours to be built. But it’s now an industrial process which can be executed several times a day. It was a requirement for us before starting to package the v2 branch :

Rivendell 2 beta ?

We receive a lot of requests about Rivendell 2 packaging. We’ll try to start this new project over the next few weeks, a fresh packaging using latest debian tools. More information in this blog or on our Twitter & Identica accounts.