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le 20 Nov 2010

This new release of the Tryphon StreamBox is named streambox-20101029-1716. It includes in all StreamBoxes delivered since the last week.

Here is the content of this release :

AAC et SHOUTcast

HE-AACv2 is now part of supported formats. The Tryphon StreamBox provides now the 4 major audio stream formats : Ogg/Vorbis, MP3, AAC et AAC+.

After several requests, the StreamBox streams can now be sent to SHOUTcast servers.

Tryphon still recommends you to use the Ogg/Vorbis format and Icecast servers, which are, both, free.

Other enhancements

You can now disable streams individually managed by the StreamBox. A disabled stream is no longer computed and nor sent to the configured server. But you can enable it again in a single click.

StreamBox now uses the “streambox” name in the DHCP negotiation. You can manage even more easily on your network, by using a dedicated entry in your local DNS (like streambox.maradio.priv). If you want to customize this name, vote for this suggestion.

Upgrade management

After a long test period, the Tryphon StreamBox provides an upgrade management via Internet, as other Tryphon Boxes :

The upgrade management provides :

For example, the latest StreamBox release requires a download of 162 MB, only few minutes on a correct DSL link.

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New steps

The new release of the Tryphon StreamBox is under construction. It should be available in December.

The requests are numerous, but are already selected :

All the suggestions (and why not yours) are available on the UserVoice forum dedicated to StreamBox. You can contribute by giving suggestions in a few clicks.

Developer corner

Tryphon StreamBox is a Free project under GNU/GPL licence. You can download sources of StreamBox and other free Tryphon projects.

If you want to go a bit further discussing these projects, the french mailing list Radio & Logiciel libre welcomes you.

Please note that a post on our Developers Blog should give some details for those of you willing to test the StreamBox demo CD.