Packages debian/ubuntu for Rivendell 2.2.0

le Oct 19, 2012

Rivendell 2.2.0-1 packages are available. Debian wheezy and sid are now supported again

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Packages debian/ubuntu for Rivendell 2.1.4

le Jun 25, 2012

New Rivendell release and Oneiric/Precise support

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Packages debian/ubuntu for Rivendell 2.1.2

le Jan 05, 2012

With the release 2.x, Rivendell packages have been refactored. Discover all changes.

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Debian and Ubuntu packages 1.7.2-3 for Rivendell

le Jan 23, 2011

Several updates on debian and ubuntu packaging: jackd2 support, hpklinux 4.04.07, loadable modules, maverick support, …

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New StreamBox release

le Nov 20, 2010

In this release, AAC and AAC+ formats, SHOUTcast support et online upgrades

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Rivendell wiki migration

le Aug 30, 2010

The community website has been moved and updated.

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Rivendell 1.7.1 packages for Debian and Ubuntu

le May 17, 2010

Debian and Ubuntu packages are available for Rivendell 1.7.1

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Discover the PigeBox web interface

le Feb 10, 2010

The PigeBox management interface is now available on a demonstration web site. A good way to discover the PigeBox features.

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